Web Design

HD Web Design

I like to help people get on the net.

The internet has really exploded in the past 10 years. It’s hard to even remember a time where people could choose to live without it but it is now central to a lot of our information management and sharing.

I aim to build sites that help communicate with people. It could be from extending your brand online or creating an information hub to answer popular questions, I want to help you grow and reach out.

A site for you

Custom designed websites are about representing you not forcing you to change.


I build sites to reach all devices, shrink down your window and watch this site change!

Manage your site

Your site needs to evolve with you and HD websites offer you just that.

Domain & Hosting

HD offers both Domain Name and hosting services for your website.

HD build Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly websites.

I custom design websites

The websites I design are built on WordPress, it’s brilliant! It is the basically the chassis and engine of your website and this leaves me to design the body, add the extras, and style it the way you need it.

When designing some web real estate I have a nosey at your industry to see what web design is going on.  Looking outside the box helps but my main goal is to give you a site that stands up nationally and internationally – remember the web ignores boundaries!

Sites for all devices 

You’ll see the word ‘Responsive’ around a lot now from web designers and basically what it means is a website that will literally respond to the device you are using (computer, tablet, mobile) and resize to its dimensions.

Basically if you put out your smartphone to view it, no more pesky zooming in on everything.

Want an example? Shrink this page down and watch it react as it gets smaller!

Managing your site content is easy

The great thing about having a website nowadays is how much easier it is manage content with a CMS like WordPress.

Back before 2010 everyone needed to know HTML code to manage a site but now once the site is coded and designed adding new content is not much different to using a word processor program. Sites that have more features have a few more steps but if you’re willing to learn, I’m happy to teach!

I can also make it even easdier by offering a support package that involves managing the software updates, troubleshooting, security, backup services, email support, and more.

Need Domain or Hosting help?

First step before you even build a website is to sort out the real estate side of things – you can’t build a house without a section and people can’t find you without an address!

Your Domain Name choice is important and there are a few guidelines I like: Keep it short, make it obvious, and think about Google.

Web Hosting covers your emails and should have all the tools required to run a WordPress installation.

If you need help or details about our Domain Name or Hosting services flick me a message and I’ll sort it out for you.

HD offer a support package which can make managing your site even easier.