HD Graphics & Print

I use my computer to bring concepts to life

While building websites is a fun part of what I do with a wider viewing audience, graphic design and brand development is an everyday aspect of HD I enjoy to help small businesses be seen.

Graphic design is a lot of fun, it is taking an idea or concept and creating a message. There is a lot of variety in the work from logos, print ads/flyers, DL rack cards, billboards and even branding for clothes.

Logo Design

Your logo is the marketing face of your company, it should be on everything and everywhere!


A strong brand is important – it should be consistent, recognisable and represent you wherever you are.

Print Design

Business cards, flyers, adverts, stationary, if it can be printed then HD can design it!

Custom Design

If you have any idea you want to expand upon just drop me a line, I’m keen to give any idea a good crack!

Logo Design

The most important marketing tool for your brand has got to be your logo. It’s everywhere and on everything you do so it is worth spending a bit of time, money and thought on a good design.

I approach logo design with a few goals in mind really:

1. Keep it simple and easy for people to remember.

2. Make it relevant, can people work out what you do just from the logo alone?

3. Hint, tease, and be cheeky! Hidden (sometimes obvious) meanings make logos interesting.


Brand power!

How you use your brand is incredibly important with your marketing. One of the mistakes a lot of people make is to treat their different business marketing on a case by case basis which may result in a mixed message or a lack of cohesion.

For me a strong brand has to represent you – without you. You can’t be in every place at once so your brand has a job to do. A strong brand can do this by being consistent across all mediums. 

If you want a bit of help then get in touch and we can step back, take a breath, and look at your big branding picture.


Designing for print

Print design can be a lot of fun as it has such a wide range of options. One day I could be designing a billboard with all the space in the world to use and the next I could be designing an ad for the paper that is 10cm high and 7.5cm wide but has to have the same information.

Getting it right in print design is important as your advert, flyer, or business card may have to catch somebodies eye in a split second. Sometimes it is the use of colour that does it, a clever photo, or just a big bold message.

If you have a concept you want explored give HD a buzz!

Have an idea you need designed?

While most of the work a designer does will be web and print design every now again something different comes along that offers a bit of change.