About Hayes Design

Who is HD?

My name is Craig Hayes and I draw with my computer for a living.

I’ve been an Otago boy for most of my life, born in Dunedin in 1981 but raised in Oamaru since I was 4 or 5. North Otago is the place I still call home, I grew up here and even though I briefly lived elsewhere I was pulled back by the family friendly atmosphere.


I live in a quiet village called Weston 4 minutes inland from Oamaru.


My wife and I have been together since 2000 and have 2 boys, Flynn and Liam.

Spare time

In theory I have hobbies which are tramping, gaming, gardening and computers in general.

Simply put

I design websites and marketing for people using my computer which is pretty cool.

How did HD come about?

It started with computers

Always had them, I cannot even remember a time without one being in the house (history lesson kids, it was once rare for people to own PCs at home, even earlier then that they didn’t even exist *gasp*).

Looking back I think I was always destined to work with computers. I can build them, upgrade them, program with them, and generally make them do my bidding.

Design Time

Initially I did not think of using my PC skills to design, I did that on the side as more of a hobby.

But web Design is actually a nice mix, there is a lot of background programming and structure building with the fun design element on the face of it.

Luckily in the mid to late 2000s a few websites were requested, as a favour more than anything, and the rest is history.

Captain Dad or Captain Designer?

In 2012 Stace finished her degree and became a full time Accountant. I then embarked on my life as a full time stay at home Dad with the odd bit of design work on the side.

Over the next 2 years I have had to find the right mixture of both so I’m still a Dad first when the boys are home and a Designer when I can be.

Off course kids don’t stay young forever…

Time to look forward

After 2 years as Roar Design (when I thought design was a hobby still) it was time to refocus myself, rebrand, and get a wriggle on!

The design focus will gain huge momentum from 2015 when Liam heads to school and I gain an extra hour a day of much needed work time, at the end of 2014 I am probably running at full capacity after excedding my targets for the 2 previous years with very high growth.

My main goals now are to develop my brand further, streamline my work processes, build a more static pricing system, and continue the growth!